Exchange Student and Host FamilyThe Best Student Exchange Programs website exists for one reason and one reason only- to help you have the best possible experience in your student exchange program, regardless of whether you are a student visiting a foreign country or a host family looking to host a foreign student. Whether you are looking to take part in a full year academic program to further your schooling, or are just wanting a short term recreation oriented program, we are here to help you make the right choice.

Exchange student programs can range from short term programs (2-6 weeks) that may have an intense focus on a specific topic such as language lessons, theater, or even surfing, to full year academic programs which enroll you in a high school, college, or trade school. Some exchange student programseven offer a “do it yourself” total immersion program where the student exchange or homestay organization is simply responsible for finding a host family for you, from there you are free to do as you choose for the length of your stay.

The best known type of exchange student program is the academic year exchange student program or AYP. This program accepts applications from individual students and then places them in a homestay with a host family and helps them enroll in a local school appropriate for their age and desired studies. This is an excellent way to establish a long term bond with people from another country and students and families often keep in touch and visit each other for the rest of their lives.

The second most recognized type of exchage student program is the short term program. The short term exchange student program is usually built around a particular interest involving a group of students. This can be intense language study, a sports activity such as tennis or surfing, or something as simple as sightseeing and other tourist activities. While the time spent with the host family is reduced, we still have seen relationships develop both with host families and other students in the group that can last long past the end of the program.

Lastly, we would mention the total immersion exchange student program. Total immersion exchange student programs are simply a homestay with a host family. The student is responsible for making their own arrangements for activities during the day. The student exchange organization should be available to help with any difficulties, but will otherwise be absent.

We here at Best Exchange Student Programs have had experience with all these types of student exchange programs. We have been involved with homestay programs since 1985, and will share with you the benefits of our experience. We will cover each type of program and help you decide which is right for you. We will also spend some time on specific organizations that offer exchange student programs, and tell you which ones we feel are the best at what they do. We will also help you learn what to look for when investigating a specific organization on your own.

So, thank you for visiting our site, and read on, we love to help…